Brand Activation


Dantasticfood has experience working with public relations and advertising agencies, corporate clients and production companies to create memorable, unique and visually appealing media events which gain plenty of social media traction and attention.

Check out the steps to create the Ortega Ultimate Taco Stadium Platter

"Create Quintessential Chef Tastings"

The U.S. Postal Service asked dantasticfood to create a tasting offered to the media that represented the celebrity chefs commemorated on a set of new stamps.

"Build a Taco Stadium"

Dantasticfood designed and built a taco stadium using Ortega products as part of a promotion surrounding the "Big Game." Bloggers and social media outlets were invited to a party to photograph and post the taco stadium.

Live Cooking Demos

Organizing, shopping, prepping and executing live audience or media-oriented Celebrity Chef cooking demos are yet another service offered by dantasticfood.

Artful Product Displays

A number of clients have asked dantasticfood to create tabletop or trade-show booth spaces to highlight a product or promotional campaign. Sometimes the product presentations incorporate a tasting, which dantasticfood can also provide.

Product Tie-Ins

dantasticfood has experience working with brands to incorporate product tie-in recipes or product placements such as one for a major food company with High School Musical.